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The IATI Unified Platform is Launched!

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For the last decade or so, IATI software as cared for by the core IATI technical team has been a smorgasbord of tools contributed by all sorts, each operating independently on innumerable servers, each repeating a number of things in different and exotic ways - most presciently, downloading the 8000+ plus IATI documents to occupy many duplicated gigabytes of storage space.

DRY I hear you cry, and quite right too. To whit, today we launched the all-new IATI Unified Platform, and here’s a pretty picture of its architecture:

IATI Unified Platform

The first product to set sail aboard the Unified Platform is Version 2 of the IATI Validator. The architecture of the platform has allowed pretty huge performance benefits over the previous version:

The next product we’re going to be delivering on the platform will be the next iteration of the IATI Datastore, which allows a fast search of all 1 million+ IATI documents. Much of that work is well underway, with the system already capable of flattening and indexing all of IATI into Solr perfectly dynamically, by recursively parsing each document and also by generating its Solr schema directly from the IATI schema. The next stage will be to define the public API contract, which will to a greater extent be a subset of the Solr API.

Onwards and upwards!