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16 Apr 2014

For those following the development of the upgrades to the IATI Standard - whether 1.04 or 2.01 - you may have noticed a lot of activity in various Github repositories just recently. We've been working on various fronts, from schema development to locking documentation into a Single Source of Truth - all in a transaparent (although perhaps a little verbose!) manner.

Why is this important?

A simple answer would be that a transparency standard should be transparent! However, along with change control process, we see it as vital that code, issues and discussion around the technical development can be conducted openly. More importantly, it also enables others to test and scrutinse our code, logic and (in the case of documentation) words.

We chose the Github platform not so much as an 'industry standard' but more in terms of fitting the global nature of IATI, alongside the ease of access and use. Granted, our decision process around this choice should have also been transparent but hopefully people are happy to see this progress - "transparency for developers" was one comment at the TAG in Montreal.


Across all our repositories, we've been careful to structure as many Issues into Milestones, which we've also surfaced at the IATI Dashboard: http://dashboard.iatistandard.org/milestones.html

And - just recently we welcomed the move by the Young Innovations team to publish their code onto Github. Again, this has enabled us to assist in terms of posting Issues publicly, and starting to see these arranged as Milestones.