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07 Mar 2014

By David Carpenter

In a week where we held a sprint on our work on the Dashboard and killed off a few issues, it was nice to see a few more pages onto the Dashboard that help us get an overview of the tasks ahead. Making use of the GitHub API we now have three pages that let us see, at a glance, how we are doing.

Our Overview page helps us see at a glance what we need to do. Our Milestones page is useful to see at a glance what is due, and also helps us see issues that are yet to be assigned to milestones and so on. It's also nice to have a reminder that somwtimes things do actually get done, so the Completed Milestones is a way of seeing that.

Of course there are the Organisation pages on github itself that also give other views on our GitHub work and tasks

The code that generates the Dashboard can be found on github if you are interested