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CSV2IATI Converter Updates

30 Oct 2013

Note: This post covers some of the technical changes, for user migration information, see "Announcement: CSV2IATI tool" on the iati-technical mailing list.

Over the past month we've done various work to improve the CSV conversion tool, now called CSV2IATI. We've moved the public instance to http://csv2iati.iatistandard.org/ and moved the code into the IATI github organisation - https://github.com/IATI/CSV2IATI and https://github.com/IATI/CSV2IATI-backend

We've updated the documentation. Instead of being an external .docx file, the documentation is now part of the github repository. It's now written in reStructuredText (a lightweight human readable markup language) and transformed into html using Sphinx. The resulting user guide is now displayed within CSV2IATI.

Various changes have been made to the tools itself, which are listed in our new CSV2IATI Changelog. These include various UI changes, recording history of conversions and model saves (although the latter has no UI yet), and generating default elements directly from the schema.